Tales of the Sea

Edward MacDowell  (1860 – 1908)

Sea Pieces op. 55

To the Sea

From a Wandering Iceberg




From the Depths


In Mid-ocean

Claude Debussy (1862 – 1918)

Preludes 1er livre Nr. 10: La Cathédrale engloutie

Preludes 2ème livre Nr. 8:  Ondine

L’isle Joyeuse




Du Mingxin (*1928)

Mermaid Suite

Nr. 2 Coral Dance

Nr. 3 Dance of the Waterweeds

Nr. 4 Straw Hat Dance

Gustave Samazeuilh (1877 – 1967)

Chant de la mer     

1. Prélude

2. Claire de lune au large

3. Tempête et lever du jour sur les flots


The two major cycles "Sea Pieces" and "Le chant de la mer" by Edward MacDowell and Gustave Samazeuilh take you into the vast and adventurous world of the sea. They tell stories of icebergs, sea depths, long trips and starry nights, of storms and the following sunrise over the sea. This musical adventure also leads to the mermaids and the underwater world in the Chinese sea, the Undines sing their songs and we visit the "Island of Joy" - Debussy's "L'isle joyeuse" - one of his most famous and ecstatic-exuberant piano works.

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